Some truckers are satisfied with company driving jobs for their entire career.

  1. Being a company driver doesn’t come with the extra worries and stress, faced by the owner operator – truck maintenance and repair, overweight issues, fines, truck payments etc.
  2. However, some truckers don’t like driving company equipment, and would much rather be driving a truck more to their liking.
  3. Some are satisfied to drive whatever they’re given. Many truckers who start out as a driver, try their hand at being an owner operator. Sadly, not all are successful.
  4. The profit margin can be lucrative, if you manage your business wisely. If money management and truck worries aren’t your thing, stick to being a driver, and leave the worries up to the carrier!
  5. As a company driver, the money you earn is yours and doesn’t belong to the tax man or the bank!

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