Delivering pre-screened, pre-qualified truck drivers by the truckload

We provide you with first-rate drivers to elevate your company to superior heights!

Survival in the trucking industry is becoming tougher as the days go by. Finding the finest drivers and retaining them is the problem and we are here to supply you with the most needed solution.

Our main objective is to assist you with the best drivers on the market. Driver shortage won’t be your worry anymore. Your requirements will be our guide to locate the perfect driver that fits your company’s profile.

What sets us apart? Our Hiring System

Using our proprietary Hiring System, we provide you with top-tier truck drivers that you’ll be happy to have as the “face” of your company to your delivery customers. We heavily screen and pre-qualify all of our drivers to make sure we only pass on top-tier talent to you.

Our proprietary software system has been customized using our Hiring Method to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks during the screening, pre-qualifying, and compliance handling of each and every driver we send you.

With us, you will never have to worry whether the truck driver we send you will pass compliance because the driver file is reviewed first by the recruiter then it is passed to the recruiting manager, then it goes to safety for the final sign off. On top of that our proprietary software comes with smart technology to notify us whenever there is a step missed in the screening, pre-qualifying, and compliance handling of each and every driver we send you.

Companies can’t afford to cut corners on regulatory compliance and safety standards. That’s why we make sure to go above and beyond what is required to be compliant. From creating and managing driver qualification files to DOT drug and alcohol compliance management, we handle all of it for you. All the truck drivers we hire go through the same hiring process, ensuring that no step is missed.

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What to count on when you hire with CDL Recruitments

As the industry grows and more drivers join the community, companies need to act fast and place better offer than the rest on the table.

The industry faces another challenge – aging workforce. To make sure that we don’t lose a single driver, we help the older qualified candidates by walking them through the online application. We take different approach with them, so they can feel comfortable with the process.

Younger candidates prefer the online applications and they often choose to communicate via text message. We make sure to cater to our workforce’s wants and needs, to smooth the hiring process no matter what age demographic we deal with.

  • Pre-screened, pre-qualified truck drivers that meet or exceed your requirements
  • Access to our extensive database of truck drivers who are actively and passively looking for work.
  • We are fully compliant and provide you with all D.O.T & F.M.C.S.A. information on every truck driver hired
  • Access to driver files within DOT standards in case of any audits
  • All Endorsements, experience levels, and skills required
  • Clean DMVs and background
  • Lower cost-to-hire

Pay for Performance Billing Model – We don’t just throw candidates to you hoping one will stick… We believe in producing results for the money we get paid. So we only get paid when you hire one of our drivers. This way, we don’t waste your time or money in bad hires. Because a bad hire not only affects our reputation, it affects your companies too.

Our Flexible Truck Driver Leasing Solutions offer:

  • Lease-To-Hire Truck Drivers – This solution offers you the ability to see the driver in action on a trial period basis so you can assess their suitability at your own pace before bringing them onto your payroll.
  • Direct Hire – Use our team of certified truck driver recruiters to source, recruit, interview, test, background check, and refer talented truck drivers from our extensive database of truck drivers who are actively and passively looking for work.
  • Contract Employment Services and Project Management – Use our certified truck driver recruiters’ years of experience to staff and manage short and long-term projects, from inception to completion.