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    • (“CLIENT”) and CDL Recruitments Inc, (“COMPANY”), heretofore referred to as “CLIENT” and “COMPANY”.

  • 2. THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS apply for any and all Driver profiles/information sent from COMPANY to CLIENT, as an independent contractor, subject to any variation recorded in writing and agreed upon by both parties.

    Changes of any nature whatsoever, must be made in writing, and signed and agreed upon by both parties.

  • 3. FEES: CLIENT will incur all fees associated with onboarding of each permanent driver offered by COMPANY; including but not limited to, referral fees, time taken for interviewing a candidate, drug screening, background check, driver transportation and housing/hotel stays (if needed).

  • 4. HOLD HARMLESS: The CLIENT accepts that the COMPANY is not liable for (and agrees to hold COMPANY harmless for) any losses arising out of any loss, misrepresentation, fraud or fraudulent statement by the DRIVER, howsoever made, and whether by act, conduct or omission.

  • 5. NON-EXCLUSIVE AGREEMENT: This agreement is not exclusive, and the Parties may enter into similar agreements with other parties. CLIENT may secure supplemental staffing from sources other than COMPANY; however, any candidate sent to CLIENT is the exclusive candidate of the COMPANY and must be compensated to the COMPANY regardless of whether the candidate has applied with CLIENT through another recruiting provider/supplemental staffing company. Likewise, COMPANY may provide Services and Temporaries to other third parties.

  • 6. PAYMENT: CLIENT will pay 50% of the stated price to the COMPANY on the driver's first day driving for CLIENT; the second 50% of the stated price shall be paid to the COMPANY fourteen days after the first payment. If the candidate driver quits before 14 days’ time (when the second 50% is due) then the first 50% payment shall be retained by the COMPANY as a finder’s fee and the second 50% payment will not be due. Upon 14 days of employment of the candidate driver by the CLIENT, ALL SUMS SHALL BE DUE WITH NO EXCEPTION. Failure to make payments, when due, shall render CLIENT liable for all collection costs, including but not limited to, attorney fees and/or court costs incurred by the COMPANY in association with the collection of overdue amounts from CLIENT. All payments are due from the signing company regardless of which division the candidate is employed by or works under, and is legally binding on all closely affiliated companies/affiliates/sister companies/parent companies or related relative companies.


    A. Company Driver (Solo and Team) $1400.00 per driver (payment one $700 / payment two $700)

    B. Lease-to-Lease Driver $1400.00 per driver (payment one $700 / payment two$700)

    C. Lease-to-Own Driver $1400,00 per driver (payment one $700 / payment two $700)

    D. Owner/Operator $2000.00 per Owner (payment one $1000 / payment two $1000)

    E. Local /Regional $1400.00 per driver (payment one $700.00 / payment two $700)

  • 8. TERM AND TERMINATION OF AGREEMENT: the term of this Agreement shall commence as of date signed and continue for a period of one year; with successive one-year terms, until/unless written notice of the CLIENT'S intent to terminate the Agreement, is given thirty (30) days prior to the initial termination date or renewal termination date thereafter.

    A. Either Party may terminate the Agreement due to the other Party’s material breach by providing written notice thereto, and offering the breaching Party twenty (20) calendar days to cure the breach to the reasonable satisfaction of both Parties

    B. Upon the termination of this Agreement, at natural expiration or early termination due to breach or otherwise, CLIENT shall be obligated to pay for all invoices from COMPANY prior to the effective date of termination, or within five (5) days of termination due to any breach or early termination by either party.

  • 9. JURISDICTION AND VENUE: Both COMPANY and CLIENT agree that U.S Law shall govern this contract. COMPANY shall retain the right to file suit, and CLIENT can’t file suit, CLIENT agrees to waive any right to a jury trial. CLIENT will be liable for all court costs and attorney fees of the COMPANY in enforcing any/all provisions of this Contract; and CLIENT'S obligation to pay for court costs/attorney fees, etc., shall be validly due regardless of the outcome of any case. In no manner, whatsoever, shall the COMPANY be liable for court costs/attorney fees of the CLIENT.

  • 10. CROSS CORPORATE & PERSONAL GUARANTEE: CLIENT acknowledges that the signing party is the correct legal representative that may sign on behalf of the company. CLIENT further grants that their signature on this legally binding contract also binds them personally for the faithful performance of all covenants and conditions hereunder.

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    • Signature on behalf of CLIENT

    • Signature on behalf of COMPANY

    • Denis Amed
    • President
    • EIN#: 83-1706596

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